Use this page to discover if Cylitic is missing from any of the computers in your environment.

Step 1 - Discover if any computers are missing Cylitic

  • Log into Cylitic Vue Portal and look for the card labeled Cylitic Coverage. 
  • Unprotected clients are systems missing Cylitic. 
  • We want to ensure all systems are protected.

Step 2 - Identify which computers missing Cylitic

  • Scroll down to the Systems cared located at the bottom of the Cylitic Vue Portal 

  • Click on the Security Posture column to sort so the "Unmanaged" systems appear at the top. 
  • In this example we see that Cylitic is missing (or unmanaged) on the two systems named System-28 and System-33

  • If you aren’t sure of the location of a system, click its name to get more information. 
  • In this example, we’re going to click on the system named System-28 to view its systems details page. 

  • On the system details page, we can now see more information, including that it is a Dell Desktop running Windows 10

Step 3 - Install Cylitic on the missing systems

  • Hopefully you can now find the Dell Desktop named System-29 and any other unmanaged system.
  • Install Cylitic on each of these Unmanaged system. 
  • If you need help doing this, see the article Install the Cylitic Security agent.