Cylitic Vue checks to determine if your computers have the correct antivirus product installed, and checks to ensure duplicative antivirus products are not installed. 

Ensuring the correct antivirus product is installed

Deep Instinct is the antivirus product in use for most managed detection and response customers. If Deep Instinct is not installed, then Cylitic security analyst lose visibility and may not be able to protect the computer from malware. Therefore, Cylitic Vue checks to see whether Deep Instinct is installed and marks the system as noncompliant if it is not installed.

If Deep Instinct is not installed on any of your computers, please contact Cylitic Support for assistance getting it installed.

Ensuring duplicative antivirus products are not installed

In addition to checking to see if the correct antivirus product is installed, Cylitic Vue also checks to ensure there are no other antivirus products in use at the same time. Having multiple antivirus products installed and in use can degrade system performance and limits Cylitic security analysts' visibility into logs produced by the duplicative antivirus product. Therefore Cylitic Vue will mark a system as noncompliant if there is more than one antivirus product installed and in use. 

If you have multiple antivirus products installed, please uninstall any product other than Deep Instinct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we ensure there are no compatibility issues?

  • Ultimately, Cylitic recommends you deactivate and uninstall any antivirus software you have deployed in the environment. Ideally, we would prefer that you uninstall your antivirus solution at the same time you install ours. If that isn’t possible, we can coordinate on timing to ensure continuity of coverage for the endpoints.

Can we just unregister our antivirus from the Windows Security Center and leave it running?

  • No. The competing antivirus product can cause unforeseen operational issues. The antivirus must be fully removed from the system.

Can we leave the antivirus running on the endpoint with a limited set of rules?

  • No. Even with no blocking rules running the competing antivirus can cause performance issues which will negatively impact the end user. The current antivirus must be fully removed from the system and replaced with Windows Defender.